Trash Warrior Accomplishments   2019


Keepers of the Kern are heading into year number seven and our accomplishments continue to grow with every year! Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers, our faithful board members, project sponsors and those who encourage us to “Keep on Keepin’ On”.

Keepers of the Kern believe that one person can make a difference in the health of the Wild and Scenic Kern River and its land. One trash bag at a time! We have proven it works by witnessing the hard work and dedication of the many volunteers who have spent 1,000’s of hours doing just that, filling one trash bag at a time and making a difference.

 We participated in local, State and National events throughout the year:
    •    National Public Lands Day
    •    American River Clean Up
    •    Kern Valley Pride Day
    •    Great Sierra River Clean Up
    •    Kern River Festival
    •    White Water Wednesday
    •    Bio-Regional Earth Day
    •    Carp Fest
    •    Sierretta Street Sale
    •    Rockin’ River Beer & Music Festival
    •    Whiskey Flat Days
    •    Cork n Fork
    •    U.S. Forest Service Holiday Weekends Information Kiosk






By participating in community and national events it has given us the opportunity to expand our programs, projects and increase our volunteer base. We feel “visibility” is the key to successful education and growth.

We were proud to have the local youth groups join us throughout the years. Young people are the answer to continued success in protecting and preserving our river, lake and land. They are the ‘Keepers of Tomorrow’. Thanks to the leaders of these groups for their dedication to get the youth involved, so they can have a hands-on experience in learning the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.    

We are going into the seventh year of making a difference and to date, the Upper Kern River corridor has been rid of at least 85% of the trash and waste that has accumulated over the seasons. This monumental task includes 17 miles of roadway, 8 designated dispersed camping areas, several day use areas and a host of riverbank areas that are heavily impacted by river re-creationists. Our volunteers spend a minimum of two days a week on the Upper Kern River, several days a month at the historic Keyesville area on the Lower Kern and as often as possible on the shores of Lake Isabella and roadsides in the Kern River Valley.

The ADOPT-A-CAMPGROUND project has been a major factor in the health and safety of our Wild & Scenic Kern River. This project supplements the sanitary facilities provided by the U.S. Forest Service, Kern River Ranger District. There were 23 trash bins and 17 portable toilets placed in the 8 undeveloped campgrounds on the Upper Kern in 2019. Thanks to the many sponsors who stepped up and donated the funds that made ADOPT-A-CAMPGROUND successful in 2019. A total of over $40,000 was raised to support the project!!!

We are looking forward to the coming year and are confident there are positive changes on the horizon to increase the protection of the river, lake, and the land surrounding the Kern River Valley. 





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