Calendar - Join Us on Clean Up Days!

Keepers of the Kern hold regular Clean Up Days where we all come together to pick up trash in areas on the Upper and Lower Kern River, Keysville, Isabella Lake and other areas of concern in the Kern River Valley. 


Trash Warrior Meet-up Locations

Upper Kern River - Meet at the parking area on the east side of Mountain 99 at Headquarters Campground.


Keyesville Recreation Area - Meet at the entrance to Keyesville South Recreation Area by the large dumpster, just south of the Highway 155 bridge.


Lake Isabella - Meet at Old Isabella Road Recreation Area parking lot along Highway 178 just east of Auxiliary Campground area.


If the weather is too cold, rainy or snowy on a scheduled day, the clean-up will most likely be cancelled.  


  • Safety is job one! A safety briefing is given at the start of each clean-up day and all volunteers sign in.

  • Two way radios are handed out and used to keep track of everyone's location.

  • The Keepers of the Kern are required to comply with federal government COVID-19 safety precautions when working on federal lands.


August 2021 Calendar.jpg

 Trash Warriors at Work!

Fill the Bags!
The Victory is Ours!
Graffiti - Step 1: Identify the Target
Graffiti - Step  2:  Heavy Coat of Primer
Graffiti - Step 3: Coat with sand/soil from base of boulder. When it  dries... BAM... GONE!
Let's Have a Parade!