People know when Keepers Mighty Trash Warriors are at work when they see us scampering

about picking trash while wearing our famous psychedelic tie dye T Shirts and Sweat Shirts.

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Currently Available Sizes - Prices Includes Free U.S.A. Shipping


Adult Tie Dye Short Sleeve T Shirt Unisex - $20.00 each:  M / L / XL / 2XL

Children Tie Dye Short Sleeve T Shirt - $20.00 each:  S / M / L


Adult Tie Dye Sweat Shirt Hoodie - $40.00 each:  L / XL / 2XL

Adult Tank Top Unisex White / Black - $20.00 each:  M / L / XL

Adult T Shirt White - $20.00 each:  

Adult Sweat Shirt Zip Front Dark Blue - $40.00 each:  L / XL


Keepers Use the Old Fashion Way to Process Orders ​

1. Download and print the order form.

Keepers Famous Psychedelic Tie Die Sweatshirt
Keepers Famous Psychedelic Tie Die T-Shirt

 2. Complete the form and mail along with check or money order to the address provided on the form.

We Sell   Our Famous Tie Die T Shirts and Sweat Shirts

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Keepers Famous Psychedelic Tie Die Sweatshirt